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The Life Aquatic

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November 3rd, 2006

09:55 pm

halloween was pretty rad. Anyone else do the Zissou?

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Current Music: airport song >>> guster

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August 6th, 2006

09:04 pm - Icons! Icons! Icons!
Hello Hello my friends. I have made some Life Aquatic icons that i would like to share with you. If you go to boomboxicons can find them all there! Hope you like them and enjoy!

[1-32] The Life Aquatic/Wes Anderson
[33-63] Kill Bill
[64-83] Reservoir Dogs
[84-101] Rocky Horror Picture Show
[102-114] Se7en

1. 2. 3.

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August 2nd, 2006

01:25 am

I am in dire need of some help my friends. its bugging me. Ok first off Life Aquatic definitely one of my all time favs. the scene where Steve and the team finally see the shark and the song is playing. Does anyone know the name of the song? I bought the soundtrack hoping it was on there but it wasnt. If anyone knows the name ill be indebted to you for life. Thanks so much!!

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July 25th, 2006

03:09 pm
+ Eleven Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou
+ Ten X-Men Promo Pics
+ Six Ian Mckellen
+ Ian Mckellen Header and Wallpaper


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July 15th, 2006

05:33 pm
1-04 Sin City
4-35 The Life Aquatic
36-56 Rufus Wainwright


the rest here!

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June 2nd, 2006

02:47 am
01-06: secretary
07-15: eternal sunshine of the spotless mind
16-20: garden state
21-25: the life aquatic with steve zissou


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April 27th, 2006

05:24 pm - American Express Commercial
My friend just sent me a link to the Amr. Express commercial!


I like it!

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01:46 pm - Wes Anderson.
Hey guys, im working on a site dedicated to the wonderful Mr. Wes Anderson and was wondering if any of you guys had good ideas for a name for the site?
Like, I want something clever and hopefully includes something from one of his films.
I have a few ideas myself, but wanted to get other's input first.

ps- this is cross posted. :) so sorry if I cluttered your friends pages.

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April 12th, 2006

02:23 pm
I'm not sure if anyone has managed to catch this, but apparently Wes Anderson did an American Express commercial, one of those long ones that they play before a movie.

they made one with M. Night Shamalan (sorry for the spelling), and now Wes has one too!

I really want to see it. My parents caught it but so far I haven't seen it. Apparently it's pretty funny. Anyone see this?


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February 17th, 2006

11:42 pm
So I was re-watching the movie tonight, and I was just wondering about a line that I haven't been able to figure out.

At the end, when they're looking at the Jaguar Shark, Jane says "You know, in 12 years, he'll be eleven and a half". And Steve says, "That was my favorite age".

What is this referencing? I just don't get it.. it's always bugged me.
Current Mood: curiouscurious
Current Music: Johnny Cash

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